Hello there!

This web site is about MHz & "CQ", about electronics, about bits & bytes, about horse power and about music.
  In short... it's all about my hobbies.  So here we go.......
MHz is about communication 'through' the air. Wireless!   -> My first picture as a radio operator at age 2.

As a boy (14) I got hooked on walky talkies and CB radio. I build my
first AM transmitter with some transistors. Later I learned about
electronic tubes and used those as well. After my military service,
where I learned CW, I got my HAM RADIO license. :-)

Bits & Bytes.
What you see is a 1 GB HD (HDS 3380) used in big IBM & Amdahl
mainframe computers back in the 80's and 90's.
Nowadays (2015) they store 3 TB (3000 times as much) in the size
of that cigarette package. I worked for several years as a systems programmer (IBM-VM).
All the software was saved on these guys. They were huge and heavy!

   But long before that, I started with this piece of antique.
   The Tandy TRS-80 micro computer. It was not called 'PC' in those
   days. After my electronic education and working for Philips, maintaining
   electronic production equipment, I made a major 'career change'.
   I moved from hardware to software :-). Good choice!
   On the TR-80 I learned the Basic programming language and, much more interesting,
   the assemble language. It was like electronics, but without a soldering iron.

   Horse Power ;-)    Cars & Motor bikes. 
   I bought this Datsun 240Z in a poor condition in 1988.
   Very rusty.
   It took me over a year to strip it, weld it and get it repainted.
   A lot of work and time but, as you can see on the picture,
   a happy (young) owner. I sold it in 2012! (After 24 years!)

Mont Ventoux, France.
As a young boy I liked motor cross. Later I got my motor driving license and hit the road.
This bike, a BMW K100LT, I bought in 1991 and I still own it. Who needs another bike! What other bike?
Now, 2021, it has 150.000 kms on the clock.

Another enjoyable hobby is making music with friends,
I started playing the bass guitar in my late 30-ties. Quite late :-(
After 3 months I played in my first rock band. More followed.
Bands form and brake up. I still play and love it.
When music is in your veins you can't get rid of it!

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