At age ten or eleven a Solex was given to me.
                   My parents warned me NOT to take it on the street.

                                                          So I fixed my kick scooter.
                                                          The proto-type had the Solex engine on the rear wheel.
                                                           (Not the real pictures).

  At twelve I got my hand on a Sparta moped
  which I striped and used as a dirt bike. 
                 At 16 I got my dad's moped.
                 A Batavus with JLO engine.
 Later, when I made some money   I bought my first real bike (moped).
A Kriedler Florret!

     A year or so later I bought     a Zundapp.
But it did not go fast enough.

I liked dirt bike racing so I needed more power.

After the mopeds it was time for the real work.

A Jawa with a CZ twin engine.

At 18 I bought a 1956 Norton Dominator 600.
Still regrets that I sold it later.

Got married and stopped biking.......  but....... 10 years later.......... I picked it up again...

Started with a Honda CX-500.

I got the feeling again and went for something bigger... A Yamaha TR1.
(real pictures) 

  I liked the big 1000cc V-twin engine but looked for a custom....

The Yamaha XV1000 Midnight Special. 
Real picture.

   A planned holiday trip to Italy and a test ride on a BMW K100 made me decide to buy a BMW 1000cc 4-cylinder with fuel injection.


This bike is perfect and all round. So after a few year on the bike above I bought a new BMW K100LT in 1991.
Now, 2015, it has 135.000 km on the clock and still runs fine :-) . Who needs another bike?     
What other!


With my K100LT riding along the river Mousel in Germany (2005).

After 20+years it was time to do an overhaul on my BMW K100LT. And it was worth it!

Yamaha Virago XV-750 overhaul.
         I bought an 1993 Yamaha Virago 750 which had been standing in a garage for eight years. Some work to do!

                         It was not in its best state. But after a few weeks of hard work and lots of elbow grease...    


                         .. it was pristine....                 One beautiful bike back on the road :-) .