As a child I played on the harmonium. With 16 I bought me an acoustic guitar. But my priority was not set to study music.
I was more interested in building transistor amplifiers and HiFi cabinets, hi hi. But about 20 years later, I bought a cheap bass guitar and that changed it all. Musicians in my neighborhood heard about me and invited me to play in their rock band. :-)                                               

But the technical part of an instrument and amplifiers had my attention too.
Soon I decided to build my own bass guitar. I kept the neck of the old bass.

I home crafted this, solid hard wood body with active EMG pickup's. I still use it beside my GL L2000.

The following years I played in several bands and we had our local gigs.

                        "TestCees" in 2002.

                                                                        "The Bluestalkers" in 2006.

                                           "4DO" in 2009.

                                                                       "GreySix" in 2015.
                                         "JarCity" in 2019.