Working on and driving cars is fun too. Below here, in chronological order, the cars I owned and took care for.

I started with a Simca 1100 TI back in 1975. Color orange. After a few year I got me a newer one in the color red.


Some years later I got a silver Renault 20. A very luxury car.     It broke down and I had to drive an old Opel Cadet for a year.

Then came an old Peugeot 305                                         and a year or so later I got a BMW 316.

This was fun, so some years later it ┬┤grew┬┤ to a BMW 325i coupe.     But after a few years the 325 got major engine problems......
                                                                      ... so I found this nice Mitsubishi Eclipse. Kept it for 10 years!

When the Eclipse was about 20 years old it had to go. Thinking back about my BMW 325I I went for another BMW....(2012)...

                       BMW 330Ci Coupe with many options like M-Sport II chassis and SMG gearbox. 

                                                            The engine room....
Great car.

But this is my current ride....  and it's even better!

From 1989 to 2012 I owned and restored this 1973 Datsun 240Z. Started as a small project.. but when finished I couldn't let her go.